Talitha Deetlefs pays tribute to the feminine spirit with her unique body of metal sculptures. The striking female figures give physical form to the strength, sensuality and sensitivity of the multi-faceted feminine identity. She explores the ways in which our identities as woman are formed by our personal and collective history, and how it relates to the notions of femininity expressed in modern society. She explores the ways in which mythology and the symbolic language can enrich our lives, enabling us to transcend popular culture and reveal our own beauty.

“Themes central to my work include loss of self, sexual identity and the subjection of our bodies to cultural dictates. There seems to be a paradox in the lives of modern woman, a duel between subjection and objection as the personal myth is forced to stay hidden in the shadows”

Should one become still enough one would become conscious of the fact that we are connected intuitively to the collective memories of those who came before us, which can become a rich source of knowledge and a vehicle for transformation. It is possible in modern society to heed the voice of our instinctual nature, not to deny our bodies but to celebrate our bodies as part of our whole being and not as carnal objects.

Deetlef’s prefered medium is a selection of new and salvaged sheet metal including lead, copper and aluminium. By using a variety of techniques she creates original sculptures using carefully selected sheets of metal. Applying the metal sheets in layers is a symbolic representation of the many layers of our history that shape our identities. Deetlefs enjoys the fact that each piece of metal is one of a kind in texture, colour and even thickness which in turn yields a collection of exclusive works of art available in a limited series. Deetlefs also casts a selection of works in bronze by means of the lost-wax casting method.

Deetlef’s classically inspired yet sophisticated style is indicative of a contemporary heroin or epic tale.