"Who I was as a child has shaped who I am as an artist today. Every painting and every idea encompasses nostalgia. All of my inspiration comes from those real world experiences and personal stories.

Non-traditional portraits painted in traditional ways are my greatest passion.  I paint people in my life that I'm trying to make a connection with, telling a story that's personal and individual to each piece.  Each piece seeks to go beyond realism and capture the essence of the subject. With each painting, my goal is to create as much honesty about that individual, allowing to capture the spirit of the person I’m painting. 

I completed my master from the Academy of Art University in May 2016 and am currently teaching adult classes at the New Mexico Art League as well as kids classes in my studio.  

Past series:

Portraits of Parenthood is a series of paintings focused on non-traditional portraits of the sometimes-secret duality of parenting in modern times.  I completed this for my masters thesis.


On my easel:

Beyond the Illness, my upcoming series, reveals the emotional struggles of long-term survivors currently living with HIV/AIDS.  I’m also interviewing each person about their struggles with HIV/AIDS and how it has changed their lives. My hopes are to create portraits that allow the viewer to see these individuals as everyday people without judgement of them having an illness, looking beyond what they have struggled with for the last 30 plus years."

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